Aage Kvalbein

Spanske Mirakler - En Reise I Vin Og Musikk VinylPurchased

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To sense the distinct Spanish wines and music, we found our way to the vinyard and castle Masia Bach, not far from Barcelona. There, in a dim, high-ceilinged courtyard with a rippling fountain in the centre, we worked with 19 miraculous pieces of music, dating from the Renaissance through to present time¿, explains Erik Hillestad. Musicians on this recording are, in addition to Aage Kvalbein on the cello: Håvard Gimse, piano, Rolf Lislevand, baroque guitar, wiener guitar, theorbe and Henning Sommerro, organ. Many of the stylistic ideals for wine may be recognised in music, and by selecting wines and pieces of music that complement each other, two art forms meet. Spanish Miracles ¿ a journey through wine and music is an attempt at such a meeting. Aage Kvalbein and Erik Hillestad have travelled through wine and music together on two earlier occasions. The first one was in France in 1998, the second one in Italy in 1999. The result of these two journeys, the CD¿s French Miracles and Italian Miracles, have attracted a large audience both in Norway and abroad. In addition to the music, these ¿miracle recordings¿ give an added dimension by challenging our senses in new and original ways. ¿Three things have fascinated us during these journeys:¿, says Erik Hillestad. ¿The way different wines can change the experience of music, the way different music can change the experience of wine, and the way we unanimously agree on the wines and music that complement each other.