Sebastian Waldejer

We Never Get Away Anymore VinylPurchased

7" vinyl single including download codes. Cover from Stumptown printers, design and print by Kjetil Brandsdal. With a brief history as a singer songwriter, Sebastian Waldejer now operates in a landscape of alternative pop and indie-rock. Energic, melodic, melancholic are terms that can well describe the music from this young artist from Norway, who has been travelling around Europe the last 2 years with Thomas Dybdahl, both as a support act and as a musician in his live-band. With the new single ”We never get away anymore”, produced by Sbeastian Waldejer and Thomas Dybdahl, Waldejer is now ready to take a step up into the light. A video by THEON film is soon to be released. Previous releases includes: "France EP" (2008), "Always In Love Or Hell" single (2009), "Rise Of The Urban Child" album 2009, "John Derek Bishop remixes" (album 2010). -