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The stars and the sky at night have always fascinated people and kindled wonder, faith and superstition. In ASTROGNOSIA we are in the world of astrology with its interpretation of the year's twelve signs of the zodiac, each with its own characteristics. The work is held together by the changing phases of the moon on its journey through the heavens, and it is played here by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, conducted by Ingar Heine Bergby. AESOP'S FABLES is written for narrator and orchestra – the narrator here being Dennis Storhøi – and is based on Herman Wildenvey's translation of the fables. It is inspired by Wildenvey's playful re-telling of the stories in dazzlingly rhythmic verse.

Magne Amdahl (born 1942) received his first piano tuition in 1950 at Oslo Piano School, and he completed his piano studies at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels under Vladimir Ashkenazy. Concurrently, Amdahl studied the trombone, conducting and composition. In 1971 he was appointed musical director at Oslo Nye Teater, a post he held for 30 years, only interrupted by a few seasons as Kapellmeister at the National Theatre. He regularly composed music for productions at these theatres. All in all, Amdahl has composed music for over 60 theatre productions in addition to almost 70 works for chamber ensembles or full orchestra, together with music for advertisements and films, and a large number of folk songs. In rehearsals at Oslo Nye Teater Amdahl often collaborated with Dennis Storhøi.

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