Lukas Zabulionis

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The debut album Changing Tides, shows a saxophonist and composer with impressive flair for elegant and simple melodies that are both immediately available and moody. The music is inspired by ECM's contemporary jazz aesthetics from the 70s and a central keyword is Jan Garbarek. The philosophy behind the release can also be linked to ideas that originated in the romanticism in the 1800s, where the music is marked by longing, mystery and love with great emphasis on colors and contrasts. The characteristic skills and tone of the young saxophonist has a broad emotional register. When not playing intricate, lyrical or energetic solos, he naturally blends into the soft carpet of sound that the band elegantly puts behind. The strong melody lines and chords create the basis, which the band improvises on, and in a well-developed interaction with his band mates, Lukas Zabulionis presents a mysterious and magical landscape with a stylish and subdued expression. Lukas says that "Changing Tides" has a maritime thematic, where the voyage symbolizes the uncertainty, excitement and mystique it is to travel into the wide horizon, leaving behind everything that is known and loved, not knowing what is in store. On the one hand, regretting and longing for home, but on the other hand, seeking and hoping for new opportunities. ."The beauty, timelessness and feel of the music on Changing Tides is not easy to describe. But melodic, mysterious and magic are the keywords for Lukas Zabulionis┬┤ debut album" (