New York Tribute Audio CDPurchased

NEW YORK TRIBUTE CD in Digipak with 8 pages booklet. Elektrojazz love New York. And they love music. That’s why they decided to make a musical tribute to NYC. In 2016, Elektrojazz gathered in New York. Co-writing sessions with talented NYC artists in the band's home-away-from-home Harlem flat led to an intense studio session in Brooklyn. All the lyrics are related to New York, and they have tried to capture the pulse, feel and smell of the city in their music. The guys went around Manhattan to do on-location recordings of street musicians, people and places, and added the Elektrojazz flavour on top. They even had a subway train doubling as a horn section. Quite musical, it turns out, those MTA cars! The final result is an eclectic mix of soul and R&B, instrumental groove jazz, spoken word and beat-boxing. If you want the full experience of this project, you can download it as a free app for tablets and smartphones at www.elektrojazz.com/app NOTE: Price includes postage.