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Tuning Hitz 4 AlbumPurchased

1. Stand Up (The Guitarness Radio Edit) Nowak 00:04:02 1.00 USD
Main artist Nowak
Composer D’Layna Huguez | D. Ladisa | P. Dughero
Author D’Layna Huguez | D. Ladisa | P. Dughero
Featuring artists D’Layna
Publishers Dughero Paolo Ed. Musicalo (IT) / Atal Music (UK)
2. Hot Boy Hot Girl (Electro Dub Radio) Lene Alexandra 00:03:01 1.00 USD
Main artist Lene Alexandra
Composer M. Mouse | T. Vendt
Author M. Mouse | T. Vendt
Publishers TMC Rivital
3. New York City (Dirty Electro Radio) T Connect Chris Lindh 00:03:51 1.00 USD
Main artist T Connect Chris Lindh
Composer T. Enström
Author T. Enström
Publishers Warner Chappell Music
4. Go Your Own Way (Radio Edit) Mario G vs MC Mario 00:04:35 1.00 USD
Main artist Mario G vs MC Mario
Composer L. Buckingham
Author L. Buckingham
Publishers Now Sounds Music (SOCAN)
5. Dip It (Album_Version) Coolio 00:03:32 1.00 USD
Main artist Coolio
Composer A.Ivey | S. Feritta | J. Salinas
Author S. Feritta | J. Salinas | A.Ivey
Featuring artists Gangsta Lu
Publishers Zefanator/Boo Daddy Music/Different Swing
6. (Maybe You’ll Get) Lucky (Radio Mix) Soundbluntz 00:02:53 1.00 USD
Main artist Soundbluntz
Composer C. Bradshaw | D. Gountounas
Author D. Gountounas | C. Bradshaw
Featuring artists Cheyne
Publishers Nettwerk One Music / Awesome Publishing
7. Hands Up (Radio Edit) Out Of Office 00:03:06 1.00 USD
Main artist Out Of Office
Composer M. Woods
Author M. Woods
Publishers Chrysalis Music Limited
8. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Radio Edit) Danzel 00:03:17 1.00 USD
Main artist Danzel
Composer V. Simonelli | D. Corten | M. Carpentier
Author M. Carpentier | D. Corten | V. Simonelli
Publishers Simonelli Music / NEWS Publishing
9. Is She Really Going Out With Him (Airplay Edit) Antibazz 00:03:46 1.00 USD
Main artist Antibazz
Composer J. Jackson
Author J. Jackson
Publishers Pokazuka Ltd. / Sony ATV Music Publishing
10. Don’t Leave (Original Radio Edit) Felix Project 00:03:25 1.00 USD
Main artist Felix Project
Composer J. Martens
Author J. Martens
Publishers Talpa Music
11. Candy On The Dancefloor (Radiomix) Natural Born Grooves 00:02:51 1.00 USD
Main artist Natural Born Grooves
Composer F. Van Herwegen | C. Smart | J. Van Rijswijk
Author J. Van Rijswijk | C. Smart | F. Van Herwegen
Publishers NBG & JLC publishing
12. Crush (Chris Rockford Edit) Chris Rockford vs Jennifer Paige 00:04:02 1.00 USD
Main artist Chris Rockford vs Jennifer Paige
Composer M. Mueller | K. Clark | A. Goldmark | B. Cosgrove
Author M. Mueller | K. Clark | A. Goldmark | B. Cosgrove
Publishers Rondor Music Inc. (ASCAP) / New Nonpareil Music Inc. (BMI) / Be Le Be Music (ASCAP) / About Time Music (PRS) / Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. / Moo Maison (ASCAP)
13. My House (Radio) Kato 00:03:16 1.00 USD
Main artist Kato
Composer Kato
Author Kato
14. My Drug (Is Electro) (Radio Edit) Electric Junkies 00:03:11 1.00 USD
Main artist Electric Junkies
Composer M. Satoor De Rootas | M. Clerx | B. Sandee
Author M. Satoor De Rootas | B. Sandee | M. Clerx
Publishers Midtown Publishing Holland / Strengholt Music / Cloud 9 Holland Music Publishing
15. Space (Original Radio Edit) Micha Moor 00:04:01 1.00 USD
Main artist Micha Moor
Composer L. Perry | M. Romeo
Author L. Perry | M. Romeo
Publishers New Town Sounds / Universal Songs Of Polygram International / Charmax Music / Westbury Music Ltd
16. Knowing Me Knowing You (Dacia Remix) DCX 00:03:14 1.00 USD
Main artist DCX
Composer B. Ulvaeus | B. Andersson | S. Anderson
Author B. Ulvaeus | S. Anderson | B. Andersson
Publishers Universal Music Publishing Scandinavia
17. Anti Gravity (Radio Edit) MC Mario 00:03:15 1.00 USD
Main artist MC Mario
Composer Jenson Vaughan | MC Mario | Matt James | Adam Stanton
Author Y. Cheminade | J. Gawan Seiler | P. Brunkow
Featuring artists Kirsten Collins
Publishers Ultra Tunes (ASCAP) o/b/o J Def Music Publishing (ASCAP) / MASTER PUBLISHING socan
18. Coming Back (Starknights Edit) Victor Ark 00:03:24 1.00 USD
Main artist Victor Ark
Composer O. Salguero
Author O. Salguero
Publishers Clipper’s Music