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The Vault 2004-2010 - Volume #1 AlbumPurchased

Without a doubt Progress Productions is the biggest Scandinavian alternative/electronic music label of them all. Over the last six years they have produced albums with acts such as Necro Facility, Cryo, Iambia, Kite, 8kHz Mono, Mr Jones Machine, Dupont, Sturm Café, Red Cell.... the list goes on. All over the world the label is classified a "quality music label", a trademark that was set really early in the labels history. Progress Productions is about quality and love for electronic music. Many of the tracks made by the bands of the label never made it on the actual releases. And now for the first time they open the vault of hidden gems. Here you go for the first time on digital download a collection of some of the tracks that never made it on the original albums. A way for us at Progress to say thank you... for the most fantastic six years of our lives.... and for many, many, many more to come. "Vault" is compliated by Torny Gottberg who started the label back in 2004.

1. Necro Facility "Tear Off Subsistence" Necro Facility 00:04:09 1.00 USD
Main artist Necro Facility
Composer Necro Facility
Author Necro Facility
Arrangers Necro Facility
Producers Necro Facility
2. Dupont "Deja Vu" (Promo 2003) Dupont 00:05:31 1.00 USD
Main artist Dupont
Composer Dupont
Author Dupont
Arrangers Dupont
Producers Dupont
3. Hype "Idle Running" (Interlace Remix) Hype 00:04:00 1.00 USD
Main artist Hype
Composer Hype
Author Hype
Arrangers Hype
Producers Hype
4. Mr Jones Machine "Stranger In This World Of Mine" Mr Jones Machine 00:04:19 1.00 USD
Main artist Mr Jones Machine
Composer Mr Jones Machine
Author Mr Jones Machine
Arrangers Mr Jones Machine
Producers Mr Jones Machine
5. System "Artificial Emotions" System 00:05:04 1.00 USD
Main artist System
Composer System
Author System
Arrangers System
Producers System
6. Sturm Café "Alphamenschen" Sturm Café 00:04:00 1.00 USD
Main artist Sturm Café
Composer Sturm Café
Author Sturm Café
Arrangers Sturm Café
Producers Sturm Café
7. Red Cell "I Am The Way" Red Cell 00:03:15 1.00 USD
Main artist Red Cell
Composer Red Cell
Author Red Cell
Arrangers Red Cell
Producers Red Cell
8. Cryo "The Pain" (Iambia Remix) Cryo 00:04:55 1.00 USD
Main artist Cryo
Composer Cryo
Author Cryo
Arrangers Cryo
Producers Cryo
9. Mommy Hurt My Head "Goodbye" (Leaether Strip Remix) Mommy Hurt My Head 00:05:52 1.00 USD
Main artist Mommy Hurt My Head
Composer Mommy Hurt My Head
Author Mommy Hurt My Head
Arrangers Mommy Hurt My Head
Producers Mommy Hurt My Head
10. Iambia "Tyrrania" (Necro Facility Remix) Iambia 00:04:10 1.00 USD
Main artist Iambia
Composer Iambia
Author Iambia
Arrangers Iambia
Producers Iambia
11. 8kHz Mono "Reality" 8kHz Mono 00:05:11 1.00 USD
Main artist 8kHz Mono
Composer 8kHz Mono
Author 8kHz Mono
Arrangers 8kHz Mono
Producers 8kHz Mono
12. Terror Punk Syndicate "Dark Is The Psyche Of Man" (Cryo Version) Terror Punk Syndicate 00:03:21 1.00 USD
Main artist Terror Punk Syndicate
Composer Terror Punk Syndicate
Author Terror Punk Syndicate
Arrangers Terror Punk Syndicate
Producers Terror Punk Syndicate