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New single from A Beautiful Friend It's been 3 years since A Beautiful Friend (Pelle Ekerstam) released his debut album "(You’ve Already Passed) This Moment". His new album "We Were Heading For The Sun" is now complete and will be released this fall. There has been quite a change of style since the previous album with its rather grand romantic leanings with orchestrations comparable to neo-crooners such as Rufus Wainwright and Richard Hawley. The album has lighter, more up-tempo pop songs with a focus on groove while retaining the longing and melancholy from his previous work. It holds a few features, Mark Olson (ex Jayhawks), Jonathan Johansson and Titiyo contribute with their wonderful voices on some of the tracks. "Love Finds A Way" is the first single from the forthcoming album. Those who have heard the first album are in for a positive surprise.
1. Love Finds A Way 00:03:12
Main artist A Beautiful Friend
Composer Pelle Ekerstam
Author Pelle Ekerstam
Performers A Beautiful Friend
Producers Johannes Berglund and Pelle Ekerstam