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Troll Records has built an enviable reputation since its inception a few years ago. Fronted by DJ/Producers Nils Noa & Christian Sol the label has established itself as a forward thinking purveyor of quality house and techno, much of which has been derived from within the borders of its home country of Norway. Now the Troll team have decided to draw together some of the best new talent from Oslo and beyond to provide a showcase EP of Norwegian talent. The ‘Trollstamme EP’ opens up with an epic nine and a half minute slice of tech-fuelled house from Villa resident DJ Alex Jangle. Build around a bass driven groove, the track layers percussion and FX to create a hypnotic vibe that draws you in from the get go. Warm pads and an a syncopated riff of synth stabs lift the track and make this a surefire floorfiller! Next up we have Joachim Holm, a teenage producer from Trondheim, a coastal town about 300km north of Oslo. Holm’s track ‘Querido’ is a wonderfully deep journey into underground house music featuring a soundbed of subtle ambient noise overlaid with building loops, vocal samples and rolling drums, quality stuff. The penultimate cut comes from a production duo who are originally from Sweden but are now based in the Norwegian capital. Ilves & Migova offer up the excellent ‘The South’, a smooth and techy workout of tight rhythms and subtle melodies that certain to find favour in DJs boxes in the months to come. Finally we have Bergen based producer Tobii who delivers the superb ‘That’s It’, a deep slow-mo house cut that uses rich keys and snippets of soulful vocals to create wonderfully laid back atmosphere. ‘The Trollstamme EP’ is another sterling release from a label that is at the pinnacle of Scandinavian electronic music. The release is promoted worldwide by Dispersion PR.
1. Kappadokia Alex Jangle 00:09:22 1.20 USD
Main artist Alex Jangle
Composer Alex Jangle
Author Alex Jangle
Performers Alex Jangle
Producers Alex Jangle
2. Querido Joachim Holm 00:07:45 1.20 USD
Main artist Joachim Holm
Composer Joachim Holm
Author Joachim Holm
Performers Joachim Holm
Producers Joachim Holm
3. The South Ilves and Migova 00:07:31 1.20 USD
Main artist Ilves and Migova
Composer Johan Ilves | Aleksandria Migova
Author Aleksandria Migova | Johan Ilves
Performers Aleksandria Migova | Johan Ilves
Producers Aleksandria Migova | Johan Ilves
4. That's It Tobii 00:07:12 1.20 USD
Main artist Tobii
Composer Tobias Sørensen Urhaug
Author Tobias Sørensen Urhaug
Performers Tobii
Producers Tobias Sørensen Urhaug