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Watch out for the new Tuning Hitz compilation! Some really heavy tracks sure to bring the tuning spirit to you! Tuning Hitz 12, with need For Speed driver Fredric Aasbo's cool car on the cover, includes many heavy hits and remixes from artists such as VAN NOTEN & VAN ZANDT FT. MC SHERLOCK – HARDWELL - FIO & CURT SAVAGE Ft. ANGIE BROWN – MENINI & VIANI – X-TOF & DJ REBEL. This compilation has been produced in tight collaboration with well known dance labels such as BIP Records and Adaptor Recordings and many of the songs are supported by the biggest DJ's today, David Guetta, Joachm Garraud, Paul Oakenfold, Fat Boy Slim, Roger Sanchez and many more..!
1. Policia - Jay Frogs House Radio Arrest Remix Loona 00:03:19 1.00 USD
Main artist Loona
Composer Marcello Pagin | Marie José van der Kolk | Lukas Hilbert | Christian F. J. Büttner
Author Lukas Hilbert | Alexander Kronlund | Katerina Loules
Publishers Chappell Scandinavia Ltd | Famties Music Publishing | Hanseatic Musikverlag | Warner
2. Stand Up - Dj Rebel Radio Remix Funda 00:03:48 1.00 USD
Main artist Funda
Composer Jalal Hamaoui | Funda Kilic | Umut Sahin
Publishers BMC Publishing
3. Ready For Tonight - Radio Edit diMaro 00:02:56 1.00 USD
Main artist diMaro
Composer J. Vaughan | M. Willems | S. Merayah | R. Schwamborn | A. Ventrice
Publishers BMC / This Is Cheeky/ Ultra Tunes / Copyright Control
4. Bring Me Down (Radio Edit) Pretty Boys From Saint Tropez 00:02:54 1.00 USD
Main artist Pretty Boys From Saint Tropez
Composer M.Nap | A.Blok
Author Kelly Mueller
Featuring artists Kelly Mueller
Publishers Fektive Publishing / Copyright Control
5. She's A Maniac (Radio Edit) Wilde Project 00:03:48 1.00 USD
Main artist Wilde Project
Composer D. Matkosky | P. Wilde | M. Sembello
Featuring artists Matt Blue | Matic
Publishers Famous (Warner Chappel) | Wilde Publishing | Intersong
6. I'm Still Hot - Original Radio Luciana 00:02:45 1.00 USD
Main artist Luciana
Composer Dave Audé | Jeff Haddad | Laura Pergolizzi | Luciana Caporaso | Nick Clow
Publishers Downtown DMP Songs (BMI) | Jefflon Songs (BMI) | Primary Wave Pergolizzi | Quarter Inch of Lovesongs (ASCAP) | SONY/ATV (ASCAP)
7. I Wanna Love You Shooters 00:06:54 1.00 USD
Main artist Shooters
Composer A.Tarsia | S. D’Angelo | E.Gonzaba | F.Pezzi
Featuring artists Erica Gonzaba
Publishers Dughero Paolo Ed. Musicali
8. Drop That Bomb - Radio Edit Van Noten & Van Zandt 00:02:45 1.00 USD
Main artist Van Noten & Van Zandt
Composer Sherlock Telgt | John Van Noten | Niels van de Zande
Featuring artists Mc Sherlock
Publishers Mostly Publishing | BMC Publishing | BME Songs
9. Ankamassa Menini & Viani 00:06:44 1.00 USD
Main artist Menini & Viani
Composer M. Anthony | M.Menini | G.Bambuca
Publishers Sony /Atv Tunes Llc. | Moove Records S.r.l. | Dughero Paolo Ed. Musicali
10. Hold on Tight - Radio Edit Frank Degrees & Markus H 00:03:22 1.00 USD
Main artist Frank Degrees & Markus H
Composer Frank Degryse | Markus H
Publishers BMC Publishing | Impart Productions Bvba
11. Beat Drop - Radio Edit Dj Rebel & X-Tof 00:03:43 1.00 USD
Main artist Dj Rebel & X-Tof
Composer Christophe Heyerick | Kevin Leyers
Publishers BMC Publishing | CNR Music Publishing
12. Kiss Me - Jack & Joy Radio Edit Nick Corline 00:03:28 1.00 USD
Main artist Nick Corline
Composer E. Record | C.Niccoli
Publishers Unichappel Music Inc | Dughero Paolo Ed. Musicali
13. Beat Time DJ Miss Roxx 00:03:42 1.00 USD
Main artist DJ Miss Roxx
Composer Roxanne Lane
Publishers BMC Publishing
14. We Are Soldiers Lt Wee 00:04:20 1.00 USD
Main artist Lt Wee
Composer Wolfgang Wee | Essa Cham
Producers Wolfgang Wee
Publishers Wolfgang Wee
15. I Want More - Dirty Ztylerz Radio Edit Curt Savage & Fio 00:03:28 1.00 USD
Main artist Curt Savage & Fio
Composer Ronald Fiolet | Angie Brown | Danny Kirsch
Featuring artists Angie Brown
Publishers Ronny X Publishing/Strengholt | P & P Songs Ltd
16. Mexican Menini & Viani 00:06:33 1.00 USD
Main artist Menini & Viani
Composer G.Bambuca | M. Menini
Publishers Dughero Paolo Ed. Musicali | Moove Records S.r.l.
17. Blue Sky Holiday - Van Noten & Van Zandt VS Mark Laurenz Remix DJ F.R.A.N.K 00:04:34 1.00 USD
Main artist DJ F.R.A.N.K
Composer F. Van Herwegen | C. Smart | J. Van Rijswijk
Producers John Van Noten | Niels van de Zande | Mark Laurenz
Publishers NBG publishing
18. Plastic - Radio Edit Hugo Sanches & Lucas 00:03:43 1.00 USD
Main artist Hugo Sanches & Lucas
Composer Lucas | Hugo Sanchez
Publishers BMC Publishing
19. Big Fat - Markus H & Frank Degrees Remix Tonic 00:06:37 1.00 USD
Main artist Tonic
Composer Erick Orrosquieta
Featuring artists Tarantula Man
Publishers BMC Publishing
20. Cobra (Official Energy Anthem 2012) - Radio Edit Hardwell 00:03:04 1.00 USD
Main artist Hardwell
Composer R. van de Corput
Publishers Cloud 9 Holland Music Publishing/ Hardwell Publishing