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Four years ago, Undo & Vicknoise joined forces in their studio to release what would be the first 12 inch of the now big Factor City repertoire, outstanding Barcelona techno label. In this platform slowly have shown their faces both the best and most varied techno bollocks from Barcelona and Valencia (Sistema, Lontano, d.a.r.y.l., etcetera) and first line international artists such as Kiki&Silversurfer, Ellen Allien, Agoria, and most recently Lazy Fat People. In this number 20 we have a wonderful dream team composed by Undo&Vicknoise, Sistema, MouseUp and Lontano. In the A side, Undo & Vicknoise, the masterminds of the label deliver their most tense and baroque track ever. The name of the tune (“Onda Expansiva” is the Spanish translation for shock wave) describes perfectly its evolution. To the simple kick-snare of the beginning they add progressively (the choice of the word isn’t a coincidence) a distorted and powerful bassline, an omnipresent xylophone and some sub-aquatic melodies Factor City school that will give you the creeps. Sistema and his other self in full-moon nights, show in “Te Tazas” its best-known face: dark and epic tunes with a slight taste of 90s sound that will surely delight the fans of this strange Barcelona creature. Hands up for Mister Coromina (best-known in Barcelona techno circles as MouseUp) thanks to his first solo release in Factor City. With “Dancing and confused” he delivers what will be a sure hit forgetting the sound we were used to listen in his productions alongside Undo. As you hear the track and its persistent jaw-dropping bassline, the best productions of Carl Craig and Âme will pop up to your mind showing clear influences of the new generation house music. You’ll dance more than C3PO in a gargantuan spin-dry machine. Unstoppable Valencia duo Lontano take us in a galactic ride to Planet Fünf, a place with wonderful landscapes and even better beaches. Warm melodies that bring us back into the memory the sound that made our buddies popular after its debut album “Chroma”. Science fiction house for the 21st century dancefloors.
1. Onda Expansiva Undo & Vicknoise 00:06:45 1.00 USD
Main artist Undo & Vicknoise
Composer Vicknoise | Undo
Publishers Factor City
2. Te Tazas Sistema 00:07:21 1.20 USD
Main artist Sistema
Composer Sistema
Publishers Factor City
3. Dancing and Confused MouseUp 00:08:39 1.20 USD
Main artist MouseUp
Composer MouseUp
Publishers Factor City
4. Fünf Lontano 00:06:58 1.00 USD
Main artist Lontano
Composer Lontano
Publishers Factor City