Helene Bøksle, Daniel Herskedal

Drøymeland SinglePurchased

The talented young Norwegian jazz-musician and composer Daniel Herskedal created a suite to Soddjazz festival (Norway in 2012. Norwegian press called it "A masterpiece". This is one song from this masterpiece, performed by great singer Helene Bøksle. Tis is a taste from the coming CD and digital release. The hole piece will be released in end of november 2013 and it´s a diverted recording in jazz-, folk-, pop-, classical and world-music landscapes. Behind soloist Helene Bøksle (vocals) and Marius Neset (sax) is a powerful jazz-trio and an even more powerful wind- and string section. This mini symphony-orchestra creates joyful music with a new Norwegian sound. Beautiful ballads sung by Bøksle, jazz-explosions from Marius Neset. "Dagane" shows a new direction in the Norwegian sound of jazz. A very exciting release.
1. Drøymeland ( frå Dagane) 00:04:39
Main artist Daniel Herskedal feat. Helene Bøksle
Composer Daniel Herskedal
Author Øyvind Ebbesvik
Featuring artists Helene Bøksle
Arrangers Daniel Herskedal