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Music For Bitches Vol.3 - The Hits AlbumPurchased

After the extraordinary reception of the second volume, here comes the third installment in our series of compilations "Music For Bitches". After compiling the remixes featured in the previous edition, now it's the turn of a selection of original tracks that have helped to shape Tracy’s own identity and sound, from pure bass music, to house, garage or even trap. An ideal opportunity to review the history of Tracy and understand why it is one of the most exciting labels coming from Barcelona’s electronic scene.
1. Give Your Love Shelby Grey 00:06:37 1.00 USD
Main artist Shelby Grey
Composer Shelby Grey
Producers Shelby Grey
2. Ball Up Fisky 00:05:28 1.00 USD
Main artist Fisky
Composer Fisky
Producers Fisky
3. Alicia DAMB 00:05:08 1.00 USD
Main artist DAMB
Composer DAMB
Producers DAMB
4. Bling Laden Check One 00:03:29 1.00 USD
Main artist Check One
Composer Check One
Producers Check One
5. Down South Nordberg 00:05:27 1.00 USD
Main artist Nordberg
Composer Nordberg
Producers Nordberg
6. I Can't Hide EV4NS 00:05:24 1.00 USD
Main artist EV4NS
Composer Evans
Producers Evans
7. Unison Ben Mono & Lars Moston 00:05:55 1.00 USD
Main artist Ben Mono & Lars Moston
Composer Lars Moston | Ben Mono
Producers Lars Moston | Ben Mono
8. We Believe in Groove We Like Turtles 00:04:50 1.00 USD
Main artist We Like Turtles
Composer We Like Turtles
Producers We Like Turtles
9. 3 Years in Neukölln Wool 00:07:00 1.00 USD
Main artist Wool
Composer Wool
Producers Wool
10. Bounty Five Headbirds 00:05:36 1.00 USD
Main artist Headbirds
Composer Headbirds
Producers Headbirds
11. What You're Doing to Me Maddjazz 00:06:09 1.00 USD
Main artist Maddjazz
Composer Maddjazz
Producers Maddjazz
12. Some Bass Bitcode 00:04:27 1.00 USD
Main artist Bitcode
Composer Bitcode
Producers Bitcode
13. Analorgyst theAmplid 00:06:19 1.00 USD
Main artist theAmplid
Composer theAmplid
Producers theAmplid
14. You are my Vision Night Drugs 00:05:00 1.00 USD
Main artist Night Drugs
Composer Night Drugs
Producers Night Drugs
15. Can't Love You Babe Sidechains 00:05:46 1.00 USD
Main artist Sidechains
Composer Sidechains
Producers Sidechains