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Rock and Roll Forever is a collection by many of the founding fathers of Rock ‘N Roll. It contains everyone from Chuck Berry to Gene Vincent to Roy Orbison. The Album contains rarities like “Sweet and Easy To Love” by Roy Orbison, to old favorites like “Suzie Q” by Dale Hawkins and “Dance With Me Henry” by Etta James. One of the other stand-outs is “If You Need Me” by Wilson Pickett, which is not available from any other place than here. If you love classic Rock 'N Roll, this one's for you.
1. Dixie Fried Carl Perkins 00:02:19 1.00 USD
Main artist Carl Perkins
Composer Carl Lee Perkins | Howard Curley
Publishers Hi Lo Music Inc., Wren Music Co Obo Carl Perkins Music
2. Charlie Brown Got Expelled Joe Tex 00:02:28 1.00 USD
Main artist Joe Tex
Composer Harrington
Publishers Songs Of Universal, Inc.
3. Sweet And Easy To Love Roy Orbison 00:02:12 1.00 USD
Main artist Roy Orbison
Composer Sam Phillips
Publishers Knox Music, Inc.
4. Sweet Little Sixteen Chuck Berry 00:03:07 1.00 USD
Main artist Chuck Berry
Composer Chuck Berry
5. Suzie Q Dale Hawkins 00:02:18 1.00 USD
Main artist Dale Hawkins
Composer Dale Hawkins | Eleanor Broadwater | Stanley J Lewis
Publishers BMG Platinum Songs Obo Arc Music
6. Dance With Me Henry Etta James 00:02:53 1.00 USD
Main artist Etta James
Composer Hank Ballard | Johnny Otis | Etta James
Publishers Universal Music-Careers, Fort Knox Music, Inc., Trio Music Company, Inc.
7. If You Need Me Wilson Pickett 00:02:37 1.00 USD
Main artist Wilson Pickett
Composer Robert Bateman | Wilson Pickett | Sonny Sanders
8. I'm Feelin' Sorry Jerry Lee Lewis 00:02:36 1.00 USD
Main artist Jerry Lee Lewis
Composer Jack Clement
Publishers Universal - Songs Of Polygram International Inc
9. Use Me Al Jarreau 00:03:29 1.00 USD
Main artist Al Jarreau
Composer Bill Withers
Publishers Songs Of Universal, Inc. Obo Interior Music Corp.
10. Story Of The Rockers Gene Vincent 00:03:08 1.00 USD
Main artist Gene Vincent
Composer Jim Pewter
Publishers Winston Music Publishers Obo Playground Music, Hoffman House Music Obo Philella Music