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The Ultimate Progressive House Compilation AlbumPurchased

Yellow Rhinestone Records is proud to present a great compilation of the best Independent Progressive House Artists and D.J.s. This great album features a fine collection of the most innovative and modern Dj,s and Artists that deserves a much bigger audience and is a must for all lovers of Electronic Dance Music. All tracks have gained massive exposure worldwide and includes established artists that have amazed the world with their vocals. This compilation is a top global energy experience.
1. Earthbound Catfight 00:05:16 1.00 USD
Main artist Catfight
Composer Marcus Frenell | Denise Lopez | Johan Holmberg
Author Khiara D Sherman
Producers Catfight
2. Higher D.J. Mirko B 00:04:45 1.00 USD
Main artist D.J. Mirko B
Composer Mirko Boroni
Author Khiara D Sherman
Featuring artists Anton Ewald
Publishers sound2kill4 Publishing
3. Infinity Kat Solar 00:06:04 1.00 USD
Main artist Kat Solar
Composer Katrina Marie Connor | Jay Max Kraidman | Christopher Allan Young
Author Khiara D Sherman
Publishers Katrina Connor Publishing | Kraidman Music Publishing | Christopher Young Production
4. Drop In Secret 00:03:11 1.00 USD
Main artist In Secret
Composer Deyn Shawket
Author Khiara D Sherman
5. Are You The One Khiara 00:04:00 1.00 USD
Main artist Khiara
Composer KB Sharp
Author Khiara D Sherman
Producers KB Sharp | Achebe Bajan
6. My Meditation LaGaylia Frazier 00:06:12 1.00 USD
Main artist LaGaylia Frazier
Composer LaGaylia Frazier
Author Khiara D Sherman
7. Go Away Igor Foxx 00:03:28 1.00 USD
Main artist Igor Foxx
Composer Igor Miladin
Author Khiara D Sherman
Featuring artists Milinka Radisic
8. Stronger Maximilian Tux & Whit3 00:05:01 1.00 USD
Main artist Maximilian Tux & Whit3
Composer Maximilian Tux
Author Khiara D Sherman
Featuring artists Regina Jhey
Publishers MT Records
9. I Will Follow The Sun Hi-Star 00:05:09 1.00 USD
Main artist Hi-Star
Composer Joe Devlin
Author Khiara D Sherman