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Off the heels of a successful year, Kim Cameron & Side FX, went back into studio in-between their residency in Miami and European travels and recorded several new tracks for an upcoming EP Naturally Yours. The first track, Falling Stars, releases first. Kim takes her vocals to a new level using high soprano ranges in a pure controlled falsetto that drifts you into the clouds, soring high above the atmosphere, almost like you are floating. The hooky chorus ‘We’re like Falling Stars, Make a Wish, and I’ll be Where You Are’ is unforgettable on the first listen, with Kim switching back to her natural Karen Carpenter-like alto range. The bass line and dramatic drops in the smooth strings keep you moving the entire song.
1. Falling Stars 00:04:24
Main artist Side FX Kim Cameron
Composer Kim Cameron | Kevin Rockhill | Tab
Author Kim Cameron
Performers Kim Cameron
Producers Kevin Rockhill
Publishers Side FX Partners