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From Malmö With Love EpPurchased

For From Malmö with Love Vol. 1 we picked three young aspiring Malmö based producers who might be the next big thing coming out of Sweden’s electronic scene - Josefine Hellström Hansson, Edgar Ariza and Alex Moda. You heard them first on this sampler.
1. Water Cave Josefine Hellström Hansson 00:06:42 1.00 USD
Main artist Josefine Hellström Hansson
Composer Josefine Hellström Hansson
Performers Josefine Hellström Hansson
2. Nebulous Edgar Ariza 00:07:04 1.20 USD
Main artist Edgar Ariza
Composer Edgar Ariza
Performers Edgar Ariza
3. A Place Called Myanmar Alex Moda 00:05:04 1.00 USD
Main artist Alex Moda
Composer Alex Moda
Performers Alex Moda