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FUME#3 EpPurchased

For the third consecutive year, students from the music- and event organizer school in Nyköping will release a digital album consisting by up and coming artists from a wide range of genres. You will find bands such as the south korean pop duo WAGWAK, progressive Kronan, dream pop trio North Sis and folk pop duo Oh Jonathan.
1. Still Bright WAGWAK 00:04:58 1.00 USD
Main artist WAGWAK
Composer Daehyun Kim | Sangyoung Cho
Author Daehyun Kim | Sangyoung Cho
Performers Daehyun Kim | Sangyoung Cho
Producers Alex Holmberg | Daehyun Kim | Sangyoung Cho
2. Tala till mig Oh Jonathan 00:04:09 1.00 USD
Main artist Oh Jonathan
Composer Sandra Widman | Josefine Löfgren
Author Sandra Widman | Josefine Löfgren
Performers Sandra Widman | Josefine Löfgren | Jonas Nordqvist | Jonathan Westling | Olov Domeij
3. Careless Nights North Sis 00:03:26 1.00 USD
Main artist North Sis
Composer Olivia Holmberg | Ebba Albråten | Fanny Albråten
Author Olivia Holmberg | Ebba Albråten | Fanny Albråten
Performers Olivia Holmberg | Ebba Albråten | Fanny Albråten
Producers Rick Strating
4. Bränd-Jons Polska Kronan 00:02:13 1.00 USD
Main artist Kronan
Composer Christian Bjerring
Author Christian Bjerring
Performers Christian Bjerring | Max Leopoldsson | Andreas Granér | Filip Fjellström
Arrangers Christian Bjerring
Producers Christian Bjerring