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Off the heels of a successful year, Kim Cameron & Side FX, went back into studio in-between their residency in Miami and European travels and recorded several new tracks for an upcoming EP Naturally Yours. December, 2015 kicks off the second release, ‘Windrunner,’ complete with Germany’s own George Whyman’s remix. The music video was shot on the island of Saint Barth’s and features one of the island’s best wind surfers. Playing with the theme of nature and love, Kim delivers a powerful set of harmonies and alto tones to her newest set of love songs. Heavy bass lines dominate what is sure to be a dance floor favorite. Lyrically, the song plays with a love that keeps running, almost like the wind.
1. Windrunner 00:03:45
Main artist Side FX Kim Cameron
Composer Kim Cameron
Author Kim Cameron | Kevin Rockhill | Tab
Producers Kevin Rockhill
Publishers Side FX Partners