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Adisa Zvekic is back, and kicks off her Diamusk solo career with the single Brotherhood. Diamusk’s ties to the Dub style are still present in this catchy Pop Reggae track. And the unique powerful voice is the same. The sound and feel of Brotherhood represents several steps away from the typical Balkan sound of her previous projects with La Cherga and Dubioza Kolektiv. The personal and individual style of the music connects well with the message of the lyrics. No matter what life throws in your face along the way, you need to take control and deal with it yourself. Brotherhood communicates that you are always part of a whole, no matter how lonely and deserted you may feel. Through the powerful tools of love and forgiveness, you will grow and again become the master of your own life. Brotherhood is a solid proof that Diamusk is standing on her own two feet, both as an individual and as a musical artist. The song brings joy to the ear and at the same time gives the listener food for thoughts.
1. Brotherhood 00:03:50
Main artist Diamusk
Composer Diamusk | Aldin Hasanovic
Author Diamusk
Arrangers Diamusk | Aldin Hasanovic
Producers Aldin Hasanovic
Publishers Fjord Sound Records