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I-Robots present: We Are Opilec...! AlbumPurchased

Artist: Various Artists Title: I-Robots pres.: We Are Opilec! Vol. III Label: Opilec Music Release: June 27th 2016 Cat. No.: OPCM LTD CD 013 The much loved We Are Opilec! compilation series hits volume number three in summer 2016. Featuring fantastic tracks compiled by label boss I-Robots, this edition is mostly dedicated to new talents from different countries around the world. Opilec takes its title from a book by writer and cubist painter, Josef Čapek, who is also said to have invented the term robot. As such it is a project deeply influenced by thinking about how technology is not an enemy of humans but a helpful extension of our mind. Italo disco, Chicago house and Detroit techno, early 80’s synth, electro and Krautrock sounds all make their way onto the label and they proudly claim “no sound is too taboo” as this diverse and worldly new release proves. These tracks are fascinating indeed, and once again form part of a fantastic project carefully conceived and compiled by the tireless I-Robots and his Opilec label. With artwork by Tamami Saito from Little Yorke Japan, this is proving yet another great project from I-Robots and his fine Opilec Music label.
1. Disco Mountain Afrodyssey Orchestra 00:03:27 1.00 USD
Main artist Afrodyssey Orchestra
Composer Konstantinos Arvanitis
Author Konstantinos Arvanitis
Performers Afrodyssey Orchestra
Producers Konstantinos Arvanitis
Publishers Opilec Music
2. The Black Pond Arturo Marín 00:09:57 1.20 USD
Main artist Arturo Marín
Composer Arturo Daniel Marín Ramos
Author Arturo Daniel Marín Ramos
Performers Arturo Marín
Producers Arturo Daniel Marín Ramos
Publishers Opilec Music
3. #26 Davide Piatto 00:05:30 1.00 USD
Main artist Davide Piatto
Composer Davide Piatto
Author Davide Piatto
Performers Davide Piatto
Producers Davide Piatto
Publishers Electronic Image S.A.S.
4. Pigment 2 Demented Machine 00:06:11 1.00 USD
Main artist Demented Machine
Composer Giorgio Francavilla
Author Giorgio Francavilla
Performers Demented Machine
Producers Giorgio Francavilla
Publishers Opilec Music
5. Kosomoro ft. Mzoe7 Djembe Monks 00:05:57 1.00 USD
Main artist Djembe Monks
Composer Khotso Nare | Emmanuel Nkomo | Ngqabutho Ncube | Mzo Mlauzi
Author Khotso Nare | Emmanuel Nkomo | Ngqabutho Ncube | Mzo Mlauzi
Performers Djembe Monks | Mzoe7
Featuring artists Mzoe7
Producers Khotso Nare | Emmanuel Nkomo | Ngqabutho Ncube | Mzo Mlauzi
Publishers Opilec Music
6. My First Dub EssE 00:07:50 1.20 USD
Main artist EssE
Composer Savino Dibenedetto
Author Savino Dibenedetto
Performers EssE
Producers Savino Dibenedetto
Publishers Opilec Music
7. Venus II Gamma Gabriel 00:06:20 1.00 USD
Main artist Gamma Gabriel
Composer Gábor Kakuk
Author Gábor Kakuk
Performers Gamma Gabriel
Producers Gábor Kakuk
Publishers Opilec Music
8. Glamouflage I-Robots 00:09:02 1.20 USD
Main artist I-Robots
Composer Gianluca Pandullo
Author Gianluca Pandullo
Performers I-Robots
Producers Gianluca Pandullo
Publishers Opilec Music
9. F6 Ingrid 00:05:41 1.00 USD
Main artist Ingrid
Composer Manuel Fuentes
Author Manuel Fuentes
Performers Ingrid
Producers Manuel Fuentes
Publishers Opilec Music
10. Night Vice Joey Mauro 00:05:36 1.00 USD
Main artist Joey Mauro
Composer Giuseppe Mauro
Author Giuseppe Mauro
Performers Joey Mauro
Producers Giuseppe Mauro
Publishers Opilec Music
11. I'm In Jail! Keyar 00:06:13 1.00 USD
Main artist Keyar
Composer Federico Corradini
Author Federico Corradini
Performers Keyar
Producers Federico Corradini
Publishers Opilec Music
12. Reflex Lonely 00:05:43 1.00 USD
Main artist Lonely
Composer Gregory Giannone
Author Gregory Giannone
Performers Lonely
Producers Gregory Giannone
Publishers Opilec Music
13. Oko M. Caporale 00:06:21 1.00 USD
Main artist M. Caporale
Composer Massimiliano Caporale
Author Massimiliano Caporale
Performers M. Caporale
Producers Massimiliano Caporale
Publishers Opilec Music
14. Klin Mark Evemport 00:08:16 1.20 USD
Main artist Mark Evemport
Composer Marco Benincà
Author Marco Benincà
Performers Mark Evemport
Producers Marco Benincà
Publishers Opilec Music
15. Cut #1-2 Mel 00:08:24 1.20 USD
Main artist Mel
Composer Alessandro Mel
Author Alessandro Mel
Performers Mel | I-Robots
Arrangers I-Robots
Remixers I-Robots
Producers Alessandro Mel
Publishers Opilec Music
16. Daiquiri Pammin 00:05:09 1.00 USD
Main artist Pammin
Composer Gregor Krüger-Pammin
Author Gregor Krüger-Pammin
Performers Pammin
Producers Gregor Krüger-Pammin
Publishers Opilec Music
17. Delfino Patrick Di Stefano 00:07:25 1.20 USD
Main artist Patrick Di Stefano
Composer Patrick Di Stefano
Author Patrick Di Stefano
Performers Patrick Di Stefano
Producers Patrick Di Stefano
Publishers Opilec Music
18. Wormhole Popscile 00:05:05 1.00 USD
Main artist Popscile
Composer Alexander Vercellone
Author Alexander Vercellone
Performers Popscile
Producers Alexander Vercellone
Publishers Opilec Music