Var ska vi sova inatt (Remix Club Edit) SinglePurchased

Remix of one of the most popular Swedish partytunes ever - Var ska vi sova inatt. The remix is done by RoWzell who normally play the drums in the metalact Dead By April but also is into the electronica- and dancescene. He is working close with guys around the Skrillex-team. Together with the classic partytune they've done a perfect song for the summer of 2016.
1. Var ska vi sova inatt (Remix Club Edit) 00:03:12
Main artist Perikles
Composer Dario Farina
Author Daniele Pace | Enzo Ghinazzi
Performers Joachim Sehlin | Lars Lunkan Lundgren | Per-Göran - Pex - Svensson | Anders Wellbo | Anders Olsson | RoWzell
Featuring artists RoWzell
Remixers Perikles featuring RoWzell | RoWzell
Producers Lars Lunkan Lundgren | RoWzell
Publishers Warner/Chapell Music Scandinavia AB, BMG Chrysalis Scandinavia AB