Apes & Babes

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Apes&Babes was formed in 1999, and throughout the years they have developed their very own a cappella sound, containing everything from rough spontaneity and heavy rhythms to soft, velvet harmonies. The members play around with music from all corners of the world, from various genres, and present a cappella music somewhere between pop, folk and rock music. Former releases: 3rd Surprise (EP – 2000) RÅ (2004) Planet of Apes&Babes (2008) Members: Ingrid Storlimo, Elin Valvatne, Sigrun Hassel Pedersen, Ingunn Sollie, Martin Halsvik Lillealtern, Tor Martin Antonsen, Øyvind Dalen Sørbøl og Vidar Johansen.
1. Stjernesludd 00:04:27
Main artist Apes & Babes
Composer Aslak Dørum
Author Aslak Dørum
Performers Ingunn Sollie | Sigrun Hassel Pedersen | Elin Valvatne | Ingrid Storlimo | Tor Martin Antonsen | Øyvind Dalen Sørbøl | Vidar Johansen | Martin Halsvik Lillealtern
Arrangers Apes & Babes
Producers Ronny Wikmark