Indigo River Band

Deja Vu Rendezvous SinglePurchased

This song has a spiritual message. It's about a Deja Vu love affair or relationship or marriage, meaning two souls are following each other from one reincarnation to another. Just dream away and enjoy. A special thanks to our guest female singer Anne - Mette Bergstedt Rix from Copenhagen Denmark. Good Job. IRB
1. Deja Vu Rendezvous 00:05:02
Main artist Indigo River Band
Composer Staffan Ridaeus
Author Indigo River Band | Staffan Ridaeus
Performers Anne-Mette Bergstedt Rix
Arrangers Indigo River Band
Remixers Indigo River Band
Producers Indigo River Band | Staffan Ridaeus
Publishers Ridaeus Music