Nite Flights

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Nite Flights (side-project of Azure Blue mastermind Tobias Isaksson) is interstellar disco. Built around a rubbery bass and Space Mountain strobes of synthesizer noise, Nite Flights manage to be both a completely serviceable club-pop construction and an amiably free-range slab of ambience. Its dreamy, cinematic and spaced out desolate sounds with a focus on synth and drums draws inspiration by cosmic ambient and nightly flights back home. Nite Flights takes us on an escapist journey to outer space and back, accompanied by a visual concept made in collaboration with graphic designer Alexander Palmestal. Sure to blast your whole brain off into galactic cyberspace. Listen while you’re plotting out your debut science fiction novel – and stay tuned for more.
1. Mäster Araya 00:03:57
Main artist Nite Flights
Composer Tobias Isaksson
Author Tobias Isaksson
Producers Tobias Isaksson