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I Will Save You Maryanne SinglePurchased

The Swedish band AstroMike Gordon releases their new single ”I Will Save You Maryanne” on the 5th of April.This is their first release since their debut album in 2014 and a first taste of the upcoming album that will be released by the end of 2017. The front man and songwriter Cristoffer Csanady tells us about the single: "It feels surreal to finally be able to release this track. It was written during one of those bold moments when all of your ideas and ambitions manage to overpower you fears and doubts. I have longed for releasing it for over a year, since the moment i first wrote it." The single was recorded in the legendary Tambourine Studios, Malmö (The Cardigans, Franz Ferdinand and Bob Hund etc) with producer Per Sunding. "He has this wonderful ability to bring out the best in every musician. And I never think that I have been so pleased after a recording session before."
1. I Will Save You Maryanne 00:04:03
Main artist AstroMike Gordon
Composer Cristoffer Csanady
Author Cristoffer Csanady
Performers Cristoffer Csanady | Albin Johansson | Gerda Holmqvist | Caroline Karpinska | Kristoffer Rostedt
Producers Tomas Borgström | Per Sunding