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After a successful release of her 8th album, Naturally Yours, Kim Cameron promises to deliver powerhouse dance favorites on her newest EP, Entwined. This EP features a mixture of favorite original tracks and remixes from previous albums. Beautiful is a deep house arrangement remake, from Orlando’s Robb Deux. Using most of the lyrical content from Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful, this version offers a fresh approach to the pop song. All the proceeds for this song benefit, Guitars Over Guns, a non-profit after-school music program based in Miami and Chicago.
1. Beautiful Robb Deux Remix 00:03:57
Main artist Side FX Kim Cameron
Composer Kim Cameron
Author Linda Perry
Performers Moran Levi | Najasism | Stillamess | Mary Ann Van Der Horst | John DePatie | Big Vegg
Producers Robb Deux
Publishers Side FX Partners