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SGURVIN - OM DU KAN (PROD. KILDAHL) "If you can, if you will, if you see..." almost like a nursery rhyme, the dark, slack and dreamy sungen words lulls you into the deep with its wollen bas and tempting rhythms, on this new single from SGurvin produced by Kildahl. But its darkness can conceive, as it is a love song. A tension that is beautifully captured in Katharina SkjĂžnsberg cover collage. The single was created, produced and released in 48 hours, as a hommage to the Euforisk principle of overcoming the distance between creative explosion and mediation. Out now on all major streaming services. Lenker Spotify : Tidal : Itunes : Bandcamp: Soundcloud :
1. Om du kan 00:02:08
Main artist SGurvin
Composer SGurvin | Ruben Kildahl
Performers SGurvin
Arrangers SGurvin
Producers Ruben Kildahl
Publishers EUFORISK