Aiiko & Terry Dexter

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Amazing summer song made both in The Netherlands and the United States Of America, the producers behind T-Spoon (Aiiko) came up with this commercial tropical happy house song. With amazing vocals by Terry Dexter whom worked for among others The Black Eyed Peas. It is such a positive song that you wont be able to not hum or sing along. Pure summer vibes with sunshine all over the song, and an amazing flute theme.
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Main artist Aiiko & Terry Dexter
Composer Terry Dexter | Remy de Groot | Joery de Groot | Rene van Verseveld
Author Terry Dexter | Rene van Verseveld | Remy de Groot | Joery de Groot
Performers Aiiko | Terry Dexter
Publishers rdg music entertainment | Talpa Music