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JON OLAV wants to make a mass movement The new pop act JON OLAV is ready to wake the people of Norway and is about to release his debut single “Hei Erna”. A single that proves he is an artist for the future. JON OLAV is an artist you either love or hate. He is not afraid to share his thoughts and all by him self, without encouragement, he has taken the task upon him to bring back meaning to pop music. This he shows with his debut single and play his way into a political debate with a naiv and cocky attitude. Young and stupid he also challenges mainstream media, specifically P3, to join him on the task of bringing forward music with meaning. The song is relaxed, explosive, danceable and has a hook you won’t forget. With his exotic Norwegian dialect he has already toured in Norway where he played for a full house in Oslo during the same week by:Larm took place. After a concert in Kristiansand he was also promised a big future by earlier manager of Depeche Mode, Daryl Bamonte. In the past six months, JON OLAV has spent his time in studio and is now ready to show what he’s got.
1. Hei Erna 00:04:17
Main artist JON OLAV
Composer JON OLAV | Edvard Sundquist | Pål Gunnar Dale
Performers Edvard Sundquist | Pål Gunnar Dale
Arrangers JON OLAV | Edvard Sundquist | Pål Gunnar Dale
Producers JON OLAV | Christer Andre Cederberg