Oliver Rock

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Oliver Rock is a 13 year old boy from Stockholm that many of us recognize from Sweden’s Got Talent where he blew the jury of the chairs and charmed everyone with his hard rock songs. Oliver rock-debuted as 10-year-old in the Supershow on Swedish national TV 2015. Oliver's cover on Steppenwolf's mega hit "Born To Be Wild" is already released as a single. Oliver likes most rock music from the 70's and 80's, but sometimes also tests other music styles. He films this summer as a voice actor in “The Emoji Movie”. Besides music and songs, there is a lot of gaming, Oliver loves to play computer games, often and much.
1. RNR Xplosion (Rock'n Roll Explosion) 00:04:19
Main artist Oliver Rock
Composer Petri Tuulik
Author Petri Tuulik
Producers Micko Twedberg | Petri Tuulik
Publishers RoastingHouse Music