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-The Answer is the new single by renowed Norwegian solo artist William Hut -This is the first single from upcoming album 22 due out 13/10. -22 is a collabaration album between William Hut and his friend Gisli from Iceland ( 5 songs each). Gisli has prevously released albums through EMI UK . -William Hut is a former norwgian grammy winner with is former band Poor Rich Ones and and a no 1 artist in Norway with his song " Take it Easy". -The Answer is a more electronic sounding song and is a collabratio with very talented producer Jens Kristian Rimau.
1. The Answer 00:03:34
Main artist William Hut
Composer William Hut
Author William Hut
Performers William Hut | Jens Kristian Rimau
Producers Jens Kristian Rimau