Roller Coaster Ride SinglePurchased

Roller Coaster Ride is the second release from the forthcoming BODINROCKER album Eye to Eye. Bodinrocker is a solo project by Anders Bodin from Gothenburg, Sweden. He is known for his straightforward rock combining tasty guitar riffs with strong melodies. Anders Bodin (guitars and vocal), Lars Ekberg (organ, piano), Klas Anderhell (drums) and Stefan Deland (bass) once again deliver a catchy boogie pop-rock track that will certainly get you into the mood.
1. Roller Coaster Ride 00:03:46
Main artist Bodinrocker
Composer Anders Bodin
Author Jan Leentjes
Performers Anders Bodin | Lars Ekberg | Klas Anderhell | Stefan Deland
Producers Anders Bodin | Lars Ekberg