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JON OLAV is ready to become the next Norwegian superstar. But first, he wants to show of his middle finger just a little bit more. With his new song “Talentfabrikk” he is pointing it against TV-shows like Idol, record companies that fucks you over, and everyone else that feels hit. Still he is just as young and dum. Once again he is showing a attitude that hints back to punk and at the same time he proves that he is no one-hit-wonder. You could compare him with a kind of Sondre Justad that flirts with Honningbarna. JON OLAV has lately been a hot name in media and over 350,000 people has now heard his debut-single, “Hei Erna”. Even the radio channel P3 opened their eyes for the boy from Sunnmøre and awarded him the title “Ukas Urørt”. In addition to this, he was quickly booked to the business festival Trondheim Calling and is expected to show up a lot in the time ahead. After his successful debut he’s got this belief that he is some kind of messiah in the Norwegian music business and now he is ready to preach once again. More people will love him, and more people will certainly hate him.
1. Talentfabrikk 00:02:53
Main artist JON OLAV
Composer JON OLAV | Edvard Sundquist | Pål Gunnar Dale
Performers Edvard Sundquist | Pål Gunnar Dale | Jardar Østbø Juberg
Producers Christer Andre Cederberg