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In the studio at Skywalker Sound, producer Herbert Waltl and legendary audio engineer Eric Schilling created surround mixes of well-known Pop songs for the surround sound album: mH3 Select INTENSIFIED. Each song has been remixed to enhance the listening experience in a surround sound environment. To preserve the authenticity of the sound and the musical performance in the surround playback, the music has been carefully curated for its specific sound character and the surround mixes have been guided by the original stereo tracks. The results are remarkable. The artists included in the program are one of the most popular and successful in Rock and Pop music: P!nk, Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas, Seether, Evanescence, Creed, Switchfoot, America. The songs selected are one of their best known and most successful worldwide.
Bonus content included for FREE with purchase of complete release:  Booklet (PDF)
1. Unwell Matchbox Twenty 00:03:55 4.00 USD
Main artist Matchbox Twenty
Composer Rob Thomas
Publishers EMI April Music, Inc., obo U Rule Music (75%)/EMI Blackwood Music (25%), Inc.
2. Just Like Fire (From the Original Motion Picture "Alice Through The Looking Glass") (mH3 mix) P!nk 00:03:35 4.00 USD
Main artist P!nk
Composer Oscar Thomas Holter | Martin Sandberg | Alecia Moore | Johan Karl Schuster | No Writer - publishing only | No Writer
Publishers Universal-Polygram Intl TU obo Lionheart Music Group AB | Kobalt Songs Music Publishing o/b/o Martin Max / MXM Music AB | EMI Blackwood Music Inc. / Pink Inside Publishing | Kobalt Songs Music Publishing o/b/o Johan Schuster / MXM Music AB | WB Music Corp obo Warner/Chappell Music Scandinavia AB (1.5%) and Wolf Cousins (1.5%) | ©2016 Wonderland Music Company, Inc. (BMI), Walt Disney Music Company (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved
3. Broken Seether 00:04:20 4.00 USD
Main artist Seether
Composer Dale Stewart | Shaun Morgan Welgemoed
Featuring artists Amy Lee
Publishers Seether Publishing c/o Reservoir
4. My Immortal Evanescence 00:04:33 4.00 USD
Main artist Evanescence
Composer Ben Moody | Amy Lee | David Hodges
Publishers Reservoir 416 obo Professor Screweye Publishing | Zombies Ate My Publishing | Forthefallen Publishing & itself
5. Pieces Rob Thomas 00:04:19 4.00 USD
Main artist Rob Thomas
Composer Rob Thomas | Matthew Michael Serletic
Publishers EMI April Music, Inc., obo U Rule Music & itself (80%) | BMG Gold Songs obo Melusic
6. Higher Creed 00:05:20 4.00 USD
Main artist Creed
Composer Mark Tremonti | Scott Stapp
Publishers Reservoir 416 (BMI)/Tremonti Stapp Music (BMI)
7. If The House Burns Down Tonight Switchfoot 00:04:30 4.00 USD
Main artist Switchfoot
Composer Timothy David Foreman | Jonathan Mark Foreman | Michael A. Elizondo Jr.
Publishers Penny Farthing Music (ASCAP) o/b/o itself and Gangs Of Palomar Publishing (ASCAP) c/o The Bicycle Music Company | UMPG obo Sir Ender Publishing & itself
8. A Horse With No Name America 00:04:08 4.00 USD
Main artist America
Composer Dewey Bunnell
Publishers WB Music Corp. Obo Warner/Chappell Music Ltd.