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Charlotte & The Co-Stars have been featured in the underground of Norwegian music life since 2003, with some peaks and very nice attention from meaningful journalists and radio people in NRK (The Norwegian National Broadcaster) and the student radios. With her distinctive voice, Charlotte Jacobsen has her own ability to draw the listener into her universe, with captivating lyrics and seductive melodies. After a while without much activity, with some very celebrated concerts in between, the band is now taking a new rally and has recruited new members, including Thomas Borge, who traits the guitars. This results in a new sound for the band, with significant amounts of testosterone and rock, but without drowning Charlotte’s vocals. Rather on the contrary, the new sound is very becomingly and the band has gained more structure and dynamism. As a first tasting, the band now releases the single "Stamina" - A title and soundscape that characterizes Charlotte & the Co-Stars in 2017. This is melodious as f**k, but chopped more broadly than before and with guitars in delicious QOTSA style. - Sexy, sweaty and sensual rock that deserves your ear!
1. Stamina 00:03:27
Main artist Charlotte & The Co-Stars
Composer Charlotte Jacobsen | Mattias Hellberg
Author Charlotte Jacobsen
Performers Charlotte Jacobsen | Ole Tom Torjussen | Magnus Lie | Mattias Hellberg | Thomas Borge | Joar Reithaug Rasmussen | Anders Møller
Arrangers Charlotte & The Co-Stars
Producers Charlotte & The Co-Stars
Publishers KP ROCKS