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Galactic Funk is a norwegian, experimental Funk-collective, composed of Tormod Leithe and Petter Aagaard. Based in Galactic Park Studios, Melhus – just a few miles away from Hessdalen, where there have been more UFO-sightings than anywhere else in the world. Their sound is a distinctive brand of stripped-down electronic Funk with a psychedelic space-influence. The duo is highly inspired by the P-Funk afronauts of the 70’s, the purple freaks of the 80’s and the groundbreaking breakdance of the future. In other words, their mission here on Earth is to deliver a fresh, vintage-sounding Funk, but they do not look at themself as a «movement» or «nostalgic». Galactic Funk is a spiritual necessity.
1. Galactic Funk 00:04:40
Main artist Galactic Funk
Composer Tormod Leithe
Author Tormod Leithe | Petter Aagaard
Performers Tormod Leithe | Petter Aagaard
Arrangers Tormod Leithe
Producers Tormod Leithe