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Roar Dons has a varied background as a singer and guitarist. He made his debut at the age of 12 in Tromsø with vocals, guitar and harmonica. Roar was active in several bands in his younger years, and was named “City Champion” as a vocalist for rock band in 1967. As a young man he traveled around as a street musician in Europe and played actively in clubs in Berlin. Later, he participated as one of four members of the vocal group Plagiacci. In 2014 Roar was challenged to resume his musical career and to hold a concert at Bastard Bar in Tromsø. The result was a sold out concert June 2nd 2014 and a live album from the concert. This musical awakening led to Roar’s comeback as an active musician on several arenas, including the band Roar Dons Band. In October 2017 Roar released his new album “Natta e over” (in English: “The Night is Over”)with new material in Norwegian. On the album Roar Dons has collaborated with the American songwriter John Wright and the Norwegian singer/songwriter Kjetil Holmstad Solberg on a series of new songs. Many of these have been adapted to Norwegian by the renowned writer Ragnar Olsen. Roar has extensive experience in television- and live performances.
1. Nordens Paris 00:03:50
Main artist Roar Dons
Composer John Wright
Author John Wright | Ragnar Olsen
Producers Kjetil Holmstad-Solberg