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Mushtaq Khorsand is eighteen years old, born and raised in Afghanistan, and belongs to the Hazaras - one of the main ethnic groups in the country. At the age of 13, he fled to Iran and lived there for several years in refuge. He worked in a stone factory until he was forced to return to Afghanistan, at the age of sixteen. At that time, his long journey through Europe to Sweden began. In November 2015, he arrived in Malmö where he lived two months before moving to Gothenburg. Today, Mushtaq is studying fashion design at high school and is waiting for the first official reply to his asylum application. As a child, he started listening to hip hop and rap, mainly thanks to his dad. Ever since, western artists like Tupac, Eazy E and Notorious B.I.G have been big influences on him. When Mushtaq lived in Iran, he discovered that people rapped in languages other than English; Persian for example. In Swedish asylum centers, he met other guys who also listened to rap. At first, Mushtaq was rapping the lyrics of others. Those kids in the asylum centers who got engaged in his music encouraged him to continue. He became increasingly convinced that he wanted a future as a rapper. Mushtaq started writing his own texts, in his mother tongue Dari. During one of the many sleepless nights, he started writing lyrics about his difficult situation. He performed his first song in front of his friends, who loved it. That song, Yadesh Bakhair, became the beginning of his musical journey. For a year, Mushtaq has appeared at political manifestations and celebrations. He has become known in Sweden mainly thanks to his participation together with the Swedish association Musicians against Racism - during the West Pride festival 2017 in Gothenburg. Today, Mushtaq is working on his first album called "Qiamat E Rap" (The doomsday of rap). It is scheduled to be released in the early spring of 2018. By releasing that album, Mushtaq wants to explain why he is rapping. The idea is to include many of the major subjects of life, such as love and politics, but in his own way. Mushtaq raises a lot of questions about politics, society and the situation of refugees. With his music, he wants to influence the world for the better.
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Main artist Mushtaq
Composer Mushtaq
Publishers Louvaio Productions