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Who did not get goose skin and chills when Rocky jumped up the stone staircase with the "eye of the tiger" in the background? Namsos' own boxing hero, Simen Nyseter, can now go into boxing around the world to share well-made cavalry for anyone who wants and in the background Do you want to hear Kent Aune's song "tough" Let's write and dedicated to Simen, from one Namsos ramp to another. The phrase "as a hand in glove" has never seemed better than Kent's music to Simen's never.
1. Tøff 00:03:21
Main artist Kent Aune
Composer Kent Aune | Finn B. Hansen
Author Kent Aune | Finn B. Hansen
Performers Kent Aune | Finn B. Hansen | Eirik Øien | Jan Ove Oksvold
Producers Arnt Egil Rånes
Publishers Kent Aune