Hey Elbow

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A sole energy might be the best way of describe what is happening when the members in Hey Elbow are in the same room. The unexplanatory phenomena when parts are one. The band only exist as a unite of three, in coexistence, on the stage, in the studio, in interviews, in the graphic expression. They describe a liberating feeling when they started playing together, like finding something that had been waiting to take form. Their creative process is more intuitive than analytical and they don’t limit themselves with thought-out stylistic moves. The first single "Quest” was released just before the band did three special curated shows on Iceland Airways and rapidly placed them back on the scene as one of the most awaited new experimental pop bands around. The second appetiser was released in december and was called "Tell Me” a melodic, bombastic tune with beautiful orchestration that brings unknown feelings to surface. This is the third and last single before the album. Hey Elbow consists of Julia Ringdahl (vocals/guitar), Ellen Petersson (horns/electronics), and Liam Amner (drums). With a background in jazz and an ear for improvisation and freedom they create eccentric pop music with a big sound.
1. Back to Reality 00:03:39
Main artist Hey Elbow
Composer Ellen Pettersson | Liam Amner | Julia Ringdahl
Author Julia Ringdahl
Performers Ellen Pettersson | Liam Amner | Julia Ringdahl
Arrangers Ellen Pettersson | Liam Amner | Julia Ringdahl
Producers Ellen Pettersson | Liam Amner | Julia Ringdahl | Jon Bordon