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Chez Ali is the brainchild of Stockholm musician and Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes member Elias Mahfoud. Elias initially started working on Chez Ali when living in London 2014-15 making sounds that channelled the British capital's soulful indie sound, as mastered by King Krule, Cosmo Pyke and more, in his very own way. After working with the project on-and-off since and performing it live for the first time just last year Elias is finally ready to share Chez Ali in 2018 starting off with debut single Blue Cheese, out Feb 13 via Rama Lama Records. ”Blue Cheese deals with the insecurities and paranoia that can arise when you suspect a relationship is nearing its end whilst also knowing there’s nothing you can do about it", says Elias about the well-produced and atmospheric debut track. The personal lyrics is performed by Elias enchanting vocals tightly tucked in a musical landscape that creates a feeling of the world going in slow motion. Balancing between the heartbreak of the lyrics and the tender instrumentation it's an excellent introduction to Chez Ali which during his early live performances have shown off a wide spectrum of soulful indie pop gems. Blue Cheese will be released on all platforms on Feb 13th via Rama Lama Records and a debut EP is currently in the works. In April Chez Ali will perform live in Bristol backed by his live band consisting of members from fellow Stockholm indie acts Melby and Delagoon, more dates will be announced.
1. Blue Cheese 00:04:26
Main artist Chez Ali
Composer Elias Mahfoud
Author Elias Mahfoud
Performers Chez Ali | Elias Mahfoud
Arrangers Elias Mahfoud | Lucasz Duchnoswki
Producers Luki