Mike & Moon

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Mike & Moon is a couple from Norway, where the love of music brought them together. Mike & Moon consists of Kim and Anemone. They live together and make all their music in their home studio. Kim compose their songs, and Anemone write texts and sings from their experiences in life. Both has a special place in their hearts for trance music, and they makes their own style of it.
1. Pain 00:05:54
Main artist Mike & Moon
Composer Kim-Eirik Bakkebø Rystad
Author Anemone Øistad Halvorsen
Performers Kim-Eirik Bakkebø Rystad | Anemone Øistad Halvorsen
Arrangers Anemone Øistad Halvorsen
Producers Kim-Eirik Bakkebø Rystad
Publishers K.A. Records