Prunk Möbel

Summon III EpPurchased

For Euforisk anniversary we have put together two remix versions of Prunk Möbel´s Summon project. Summon III consist of remixes by 4everkrokodil, Center of the Universe, UFL, & SGurvin. Summon is a poetic plead for the awakening of the extraterrestrialized. Creative artist from all corners of the underground are invited to use the material freely to make new pieces. The Summon project is collected in the Euforisk archive:
1. ∞penumbral ambience∞ (rmx_sgurvin) 00:06:22 1.00 USD
Main artist SGurvin & Prunk Möbel
Composer SGurvin | Prunk Möbel
Producers SGurvin
Publishers EUFORISK
2. **the inseparable-many**(4everkrokodil_remix) 00:04:13 1.00 USD
Main artist 4everkrokodil & Prunk Möbel
Composer 4everkrokodil | Prunk Möbel
Producers 4everkrokodil
Publishers EUFORISK
3. ´joined beings` (ufl_remix) 00:06:17 1.00 USD
Main artist UFL & Prunk Möbel
Composer UFL | Prunk Möbel
Producers UFL
Publishers EUFORISK
4. _extraterrestrialized_ (center of the universe_skjettendisco) 00:12:03 1.30 USD
Main artist Center of the universe & Prunk Möbel
Composer Jørgen Skjulstad | Prunk Möbel
Producers Center of the universe
Publishers EUFORISK