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Bas Under Buen 2018 AlbumPurchased

Bas Under Buen is the biggest bass event of the year in Denmark. In several cities thousands of people get together for this annual urban takeover and enjoy the sounds of Reggae, Dub, Garage, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and everything in between. All Danish artists, all for free. This compilation is a selection of some of the artists performing at this years event. Bas Under Buen is held in Frederiksberg on the 14th of July 2018 and in Aarhus on the 28th of July 2018.
1. Dukkehus 2000F & JKamata 00:05:01 1.00 USD
Main artist 2000F & JKamata
Composer 2000F | JKamata
2. Cosmic Calling VIP Alex Index 00:04:34 1.00 USD
Main artist Alex Index
Composer Alex Index
3. Hail LaLuna Canaan I 00:04:15 1.00 USD
Main artist Canaan I
Composer Canaan I | Rockers Ites
Producers Rockers Ites
4. Klædt I Sort Kong Kurs 00:03:55 1.00 USD
Main artist Kong Kurs
Composer RDG
Author Kong Kurs
Featuring artists Gubbn
Producers RDG
5. Back To Back Zookeepers 00:03:44 1.00 USD
Main artist Zookeepers
Composer Zookeepers
6. Calm Ras Kjærbo 00:05:40 1.00 USD
Main artist Ras Kjærbo
Composer Ras Kjærbo
7. Ringgade Dub Rob Smyles 00:02:21 1.00 USD
Main artist Rob Smyles
Composer Rob Smyles
8. Put Out The Fire Dub Manza 00:03:33 1.00 USD
Main artist Dub Manza
Composer Dub Manza
9. Amazon Lily Hut Bwoy De Bhajan 00:04:15 1.00 USD
Main artist Bwoy De Bhajan
Composer Bwoy De Bhajan
10. Yabao Circuit 900 00:04:42 1.00 USD
Main artist Circuit 900
Composer Circuit 900
11. Mad Bi RDG 00:04:51 1.00 USD
Main artist RDG
Composer RDG
12. Gang War JSL & OHOI! 00:04:24 1.00 USD
Main artist JSL & OHOI!
Composer JSL
Author K. McCarthy | A. Gray | R. Evans
Featuring artists Ward 21
Publishers Abood Music