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Have you ever slept on a grave? Cristoffer Csanady from AstroMike Gordon unintentionally did during the sumer of 2016. He was going through a minor crisis and decided that solitude was the answer. So he took retreat in a deconsecrated church outside of Brandenburg to write songs. The phrase ”We slept on a grave” that he repeats in the end was written during the last hours of his stay. ”It turned out that I had been sleeping on a grave. I suspected it when I saw that the bed stood where the altar had been. On the last day I had to move the bed and take a look. Luckily the grave had been moved. But still, this had been the resting place of someone. I never believed in god but that whole experience and the state I was in when I wrote that song made it seems like a divine experience. I can´t listen to this song without feeling what I felt then. Like a canned emotion. It scares me to release this now. But I can´t really help it. I need to share this song with someone.”
1. On And On 00:03:54
Main artist AstroMike Gordon
Composer Cristoffer Csanady
Author Cristoffer Csanady
Performers Cristoffer Csanady | Albin Johansson | Kristoffer Rostedt | Tomas Borgström | Annasara Lundgren
Arrangers Cristoffer Csanady
Producers Tomas Borgström
Publishers Paltunes