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The Swedish band Gibrish celebrates Finland's 100 years as a nation - AND with a good national team in icehockey! "Satumaa" is one of the best known songs in Finland - almost llike a national anthem. The single, featuring the Finnish singer Mikko Hintsala, is released on the same day as Finland's hockey team plays the quarter final in the World Championship and the single is already confirmed for airplay on national Finnish radio YLE, where Gibrish latest single relase Bara En Krona has already been on rotation.
1. Satumaa 00:04:05
Main artist Gibrish
Composer Unto Mononen
Author Unto Mononen
Performers Christer Sunesson | Erik Maj Gunnarsson | Niklas Karlsson | Olle Melkerhed | Klas Ullerstam
Featuring artists Mikko Hintsala
Producers Christer Sunesson | Erik Maj Gunnarsson