Anders Brodersen

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Anders Brodersen was born and raised in Fauske, a small town in northern Norway. He grew up in a very musical family, and started his band career in his early teens, playing guitar and singing in dance halls, bars and pubs. His first single, "Help Me Hold On" hit the #1 spot of the Spotify country chart in Norway.
1. Perfect 00:04:03
Main artist Anders Brodersen
Composer Geir T. Dreyer | Bjørn Nilsen
Author Lawson Vallery | Bjørn Nilsen
Performers Bjørn Nilsen | Ernst Nikolaisen | Roar Øien | Harry Stinson | Ottar 'Big Hand' Johansen
Producers Ernst Nikolaisen | Bjørn Nilsen
Publishers New Cut Music | NCB