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Last years (2017) edition of Convenanza featured Swedish band Fontän, who have released material on Höga Nord Rekords, and that set the ground for a collaboration between the record label and one of the most interesting festivals around. The joint forces has resulted in the compilation album “Convenanza 2018” containing this years (2018) acts. The contributors are: electro oozing duo Woodleigh Research Facility, consisting of Andrew Weatherall and Nina Walsh, etno-minimalists Komodo Kollektif from Glasgow with, among others, Gordon Mackinnon who’s running the top quality label Invisible Inc. The more rock oriented side of “Convenanza 2018” contains Berlin based Die Wilde Jagt, whose sound can be defined as some sort of post punk where strong chorus drenched basslines float upon a smooth electronic soundscape with both live drums and drum machines as the back bone to the beat. Wild Woman And The Savages could best be described as the result of an orgy between PIL and The Birthday Party! The Limiñanas, with special guest Anton Newcombe, contribute to the collection a garage psych rock track suited for long hot drives through the dessert. Weatherall’s unfailing “fingerspitzengefühle” in picking artists for the festival gets repeated yet again and if you for some unexplainable reason fail to make it to Carcassonne this year, the magic from the old castle still can reach your senses with the help from this compilation!
1. Heilige Seidhr The Woodleigh Research Facility 00:07:34 1.20 USD
Main artist The Woodleigh Research Facility
Composer Andrew Weatherall
Publishers Höga Nord Rekords
2. Daratan Ceremony Komodo Kolektif 00:08:51 1.20 USD
Main artist Komodo Kolektif
Composer Komodo Kolektif
Publishers Höga Nord Rekords
3. Witches Valley (feat. Anton Newcombe) The Limiñanas 00:02:46 1.00 USD
Main artist The Limiñanas
Composer Limiñanas
Publishers Höga Nord Rekords
4. Gleiß K Die Wilde Jagd 00:06:22 1.00 USD
Main artist Die Wilde Jagd
Composer Die Wilde Jagd
Publishers Höga Nord Rekords
5. Faith, Hope and Charity Wild Women & The Savages 00:05:15 1.00 USD
Main artist Wild Women & The Savages
Composer Richard Lion
Publishers Höga Nord Rekords