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Short Bio: Igralom was originally founded in 2015, in Nis by Dimitrije Simovic (frontman and bas), Mladen Marjanovic (guitar) and Marko Tomovic (drums and percussion) Their music can be characterised as World music, mostly influenced by Western African rhythm. They have published their first album in 2016. In the begining of 2018. Darko Urosevic (drummer from band Goribor) joins the crew. At the moment Igralom is preparing their second album "Sunovrat" (eng...) Tag Words: lom, Zlato, Serbia, World music, African Sounds Like: tamikrest, tinariwen, songhoy Blues, repetitor, nezni Dalibor
1. Zlato 00:04:30
Main artist Igralom
Composer Mladen Marjanovic | Dimitrije Simovic | Marko Tomovic
Author Dimitrije Simovic
Arrangers Dimitrije Simovic | Marko Marjanovic | Marko Tomovic
Producers Mladen Marjanovic